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05 October 2011 @ 07:03 pm
Fanmix: Dogs of Twilight  
This fanmix was created for a story written by urania_calliope (not yet posted)

All songs and artists included in this fanmix are independent artists and their material is available through www.jamendo.com. Majority of these artists have featured in a weekly podcast that I co-host with my husband (www.thebugcast.org)

Below you will find a front/rear cover. A link to a .zip download of the complete mix and track listings including links to the artist, track and key lyrics.

Front/Rear Covers (click to view full sizes)

Download the .zip file

Track Listings

1. Artist: TenPenny Joke (website) - Track: Evil Things

"Evil things, that make us act like how we do
Evil dreams, that devilment inside you
Sitting in the rocking chair as the blood rolls down the wall
Smash the mirror, but beware as the sun begins to fall
you don't have to read my mind
to know whats going on inside
it's the reason I am still alive...."

2. Artist: Hungry Lucy (website) - Track: Pulse of the Earth

"I stand alone once again,
helpless, as they call my name
Fingers descent from the sky
Stardust falls from my eye..."

3. Artist: Richtaste () - Track: Beautiful Misery

"Somehow I can't believe,
what you did, would hit me so hard
I need something more
That's worth living for
If I could walk back in time
I'd go back and try harder again
but the question still remains..."

4. Artist: Diablo Swing Orchestra (website) - Track: Poetic Pitbull Revolutions

"Red Eyes Only, The Floor Comes Closer,
A kiss that bruises, a skin so frail
Iron taste tongue, rage polluted, The veins so furious
With a mouth that will never till
Scars and stitches battered heart broke down a Lnd this time it will not heal..."

5. Artist: Steven Dunston (website) - Track: Slow Road

"We could take the freeway, it would be quick and easy,
Home free before we know it, we could take the freeway,
We could take the freeway every exit looks the same,
they all have a number, instead of a name, we could take the freeway... "

6. Artist: Celestial Aeon Project (website) - Track: Together we are strong

*** Instrumental ***

7. Artist: Antarhes (MySpace Page) - Track: Breathin' Again

".. Set me free, Set me free (set me free)
Set me Free!
I'm breathing again.. (Breathing again!)
Please break my changes (Break my chains, please Break my chains)
Open the black door, stop the pay everyone to breath again.."

8. Artist: major Major (MySpace Page) - Track: Undone

"When you pull on my strings I unravel
Fall apart just like the tower of babel
I burn up like fire when you touch me
Fade away like an unpleasant memory
And I come, I come undone
I will always come undone
and I come undone ... "

9. Artist: Trench Town Oddities (website) - Track: Never let you Fall

"I walk alone inside this maze
i've been wandering for days
try to help me through this place.
you're my only saving grace
whisper something in your ear
pull you in and draw yu near
see you smile then your laugh
I hope and pray that this will last..."

10. Artist: Fresh Body Shop (MySpace Page) - Track: Nothings Impossible

" Sitting on the floor, I can't sleep anymore
but I run into this kindgon and I am so excited tonight
I don't wanna stay, I'll be sad today
No I don't wanna see what's behind this room door anymore
and I wish I could take you with me, nothings impossible..."

11. Artist: The House of the Old Boat (MySpace Page) - Track: Teach me How to Smile

"Someone wise once said to me, you can count on the people who care about you on the fingers on one of your hands...
... You can teach me, teach me how to smile
You can teach me, teach me how to smile
you can, my dear, you know it's true!.."

Hope you enjoy the tracks. If you like any of them in particular, be sure to check out the artist as most of these artists have several tracks available.
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(Anonymous) on October 6th, 2011 03:05 am (UTC)
More soundtrack, I love it!
KJQAFseamonkeyz27 on October 9th, 2011 12:45 am (UTC)
I dont think i know these- but I love to try out new music!! Thanks!
Yenny: BB Handsyenny2206 on October 9th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
I adore this! Track 1 and 11, I cant stop playing :)