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Important MOD post- Stepping Down

Hello Twilight Fans,

For those of you who know I have been the MOD of this community for the past two years. I have met some amazing people, some who became wonderful friends in real life. It has been a rollercoaster ride and one I hate to see end. However real life dictates that I most step down as your mod.

It is my wish that this community keeps growing therefore I'm looking for a person who loves Twilight and would like to take ownership of the community.If anyone is intrested please let me know

Please comment to this post or PM if you would like to take over the community.

Breaking Dawn Sharing Post!

Hia!!How are you all doing?
Want to fan girl or SQUEEE over the movie:D
This post is if you want to share your experience,like/dislike after watching the movie. What did you think about the movie? What did you like or didn't like, etc! This is the post to do it.

Leave a comment!

Note: Please put SPOILER in the subject line if you are going to spoil :)

Thank You!

So that's it for this year’s Twilight Big Bang. The master list’s is up, so if you haven’t yet read please go and check the stories out; they are just amazing and wonderful work that these writers and artists have created.

It’s been an incredible and at time tiring last few months but we made it. I want to thank all the participants who worked hard to create the amazing work to share with you all. I'd just like to say that I am so proud of each and every one of the participant for making it through to the end. I started this journey for you. Thank you to the talented andralee; for creating the beautiful stories banners. To moosical for more than I can’t hardly say. I want to thank all of them for making this a wonderful experience. Also, all the communities and blogs that allowed me to promote our communities; Thank you!

And to the people who already read and comment, thank you, it means a lot to the participants and to me.

Feel free to use this post for feedback if you had particular issues, concerns, or suggestions.

Master's List II

Big Bang Master’s List II


The Cullens by Melanie Carter


The Masquerade Ball by c_deepest_blue:Two strangers. A masquerade ball. One intense night of passion. They never took their masks off and Bella never thought she would be able to recognize the man she spent the most amazing night of her life with even if she met him again. Once she is introduced to her new friend’s brother something about him seems strangely familiar, though. Edward Cullen couldn’t seem to take the mysterious woman he spent a steamy night with off his mind. He wanted her again but finding her again was almost impossible, right? At least that was what he thought until then Bella Swan walked right through his door and he immediately knew he had found her again.

Turn and Face the Strange by tuesdaymidnight:Jacob Black's life is weird. He started shifting into a wolf a few months earlier, and now he's stuck fighting with his oldest friend over a guy, trying to figure out who set the fire on the Rez, and dealing with a potential war with a bunch of newborn vampires.

Hallowed Moonby herumtreiber : Alice has a strange vision. Watching it, Edward's feelings about Jacob surface. Is Carlisle's interpretation the correct one? Jacob and Edward embark on a journey that will take them to Tuscany, to face the Volturi and their growing feelings for each other as the very fabric of the world crumbles around them.

Wildflower by randommama : Edward Cullen was just moving through life stagnant and generally uninspired. He floated from girlfriend to girlfriend never really having any true feelings for them and used them mainly as a means for sexual gratification and he'd never been in love. This all changes when he literally runs into the unassuming beauty, Bella Swan, one night in an alleyway. He feels a strong connection with her like he'd never felt before. She needs his help in more ways than one, and he's inspired to help her in whatever way he can, pushing aside his own selfishness for once. In turn, she teaches him about her spirit and all the wonders of falling in love.

Actions and Consequences by moosical: After the fateful party in new moon Edward flees, expecting his family to do the same. He cuts off all contact. Two years later he's back and he finds Bella, still in forks running a deli, but she's changed. Her skin is pale, her eyes are golden and she's become a vampire, also his family is still around, they've clearly had a hand in it. Edward has secrets of his own though. His skin is flushed, his eyes are green and he appears human, but nothing is as it seems. Soon it's a race against time for Edwards’s survival.

To See The Future by Melanie Carter:Alice has always been an odd child. She sees things no one else does and talks about things that haven’t happened yet. As a child, her only worry was feeling left out. But as she grows older could her special gift be the biggest curse of all?

Stories Soundtracks bymoosical

The Masquerade Ball Fanmix

Actions and Consequences Fanmix

Unfinish stories Soundtrack

Dogs of Twilight Fanmix

Dawn to Dusk Fanmix


The road to Volterra by herumtreiber

Stay On These Roads by justinsgayhero

Fanmix: Dawn to Dusk

This was a fanmix for the a story written by zephyrprince (not yet posted)

All tracks are from independant artists and were source from Many of these have featured on our podcast (

Below you'll find a front/rear cover. A link to download a complete .zip file of all tracks and the track listings, which will link to each individual artist, track and display key lyrics.

Front/Rear Cover (click for larger version)

Download .zip file

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Hope you enjoy the tracks. If you liked a particular artist, do check out their Jamendo page as many of these artists have several songs available.
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Fanmix: Dogs of Twilight

This fanmix was created for a story written by urania_calliope (not yet posted)

All songs and artists included in this fanmix are independent artists and their material is available through Majority of these artists have featured in a weekly podcast that I co-host with my husband (

Below you will find a front/rear cover. A link to a .zip download of the complete mix and track listings including links to the artist, track and key lyrics.

Front/Rear Covers (click to view full sizes)

Download the .zip file

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Hope you enjoy the tracks. If you like any of them in particular, be sure to check out the artist as most of these artists have several tracks available.
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Taylor Lautner- Sexy Tay-Bear

"Bella and Jacob (Stay On These Roads)" by justinsgayhero *Password Added!*

Title: "Bella and Jacob (Stay On These Roads)"
Media : Video
Length: 5:03
Song: "Stay On These Roads" by a-ha!
Vidder: justinsgayhero
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jacob/Bella
Rating: G
Warnings: Good clean fun
Summary: Passion and love between two people forced with separate destiny's.
Storyline: N/A
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Password: twilightbigbang11

Bella & Jacob (Stay on These Roads) from Lawrence Rainbow on Vimeo.

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The Cullens by Melanie Carter

Title:The Cullens
Media : Painting
Artists: Melanie Carter
Character(s):Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward
Rating: K
Summary: An iconic image of the Cullen children with a twist.
Artists Notes:I love this section of the film, and I think this still captures all of them perfectly. Every expression is different and each one shows a character. I wanted to create this piece in a non-naturalistic way because of what it means to me. Twilight to me is one of the most complex books I've ever read in as far as the journey it takes you on as a reader. There's nothing simple about it- you read it at your own risk, as you might agree with me. So why should it always be shown in a way familiar to us? It's fantasy, it's otherworldly- it's magic. I chose the colour green from SM's own description of Forks and the tint from the film. (Clearer version when you click on the image)
Disclaimer:No copyright infringement intended.

To See The Future by Melanie Carter

Author: Melanie Carter
Title: To See The Future
Rating: M (overly cautious)
Pairing(s): Alice x OC
Other Characters: As outlined in The Twilight Saga Official Illustrated Guide
Summary:Alice has always been an odd child. She sees things no one else does and talks about things that haven’t happened yet. As a child, her only worry was feeling left out. But as she grows older could her special gift be the biggest curse of all?
Warnings: None
Word Count: 22,890
Beta: Project Team Beta
Author's Notes: I can’t believe the Big Bang is coming to an end. I remember signing up for it late one night while sitting bed and waking up the next morning wondering what on earth I had been thinking. I was glad Crazy Mel had been out that night though because I’ve had a blast writing this story. It’s slightly different from the events described in the official guide, but I hope you can overlook that ;) I also experimented with the use of a child’s POV in the beginning- let me know what you think! Enjoy!
Disclaimer: All Twilight characters herein are the property of Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended

Story Banner made by andralee

To See the Future in PDF