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Twilight: The Big Bang

the ultimate challenge

Twilight Big Bang Fanfiction
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...to The Twilight Big Bang.

«A Big Bang is a challenge in any fandom that asks participants to write fanfiction, draw art, or basically create any other media suitable to that particular big bang. The Twilight Big Bang is open to a variety of different fan-made media; basically anything a fan can create for The Twilight Big Bang that can be shown online is accepted in this year's big bang.»

The Challenge
«Participants have four months to complete a wide variety of fanworks based completely on The Twilight Saga. Sign-ups begin on May 20th and run through May 30th, while the official kick-off is June 1st. Unleash your creativity with The Twilight Big Bang

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Want to affiliate? Email us at twilightsagabb@gmail.com with "Affiliate" in the subject line or leave a comment to this post.

Important Links
«Rules :: FAQ :: In Depth Timeline :: Sign-up Forms :: Big Bang Master Post»

Kick Off: Wednesday, June 1st
1st Mandatory Check-in/Summaries due: Monday, June 20th
Beta Match Ups: Tuesday, June 21st
2nd Mandatory Check-in: Wednesday, July 20th
3rd Mandatory Check-in: Saturday, August 20th
4th Mandatory Check-in: Tuesday, September 20th
Final/Beta-ed Drafts: Friday, September 30th
Twilight Big Bang Goes Live: Saturday, October 1st

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